Thank you rockin People!

Big tanks to all the people which came to see us inn Porsgrunn!  We had a great time!  Hope to see you at Lundetangen in february!?

We are in on the Boppin up North vol 2!!!!

We have recorded two new songs wich will be a part of the Boppin up north vol  2 cd from Rockaround Records.........Great news....
Here is a link to vol 1

Boppin' up North Vol. 2 ???

Two songs finished and sent to Rockaround records. We really hope to be part of the Boppin' up North 2 record!!!
Here is a picture from the recording

How many mics for the drumkit is really needed to make it sound great....?

Tonite we will start mixing 2 new songs wich we recorded @lydfella two weekss ago. Cant wait....